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With the prevalence of a myriad of health problems and maladies that plague man today, many of which are preventable and reversible, this informative presentation is open to all and is especially beneficial to those interested in following the biblical principles of health or just to become aware of the options and alternatives available to maximize their health and well being.




Over 4,000 Americans have heart attacks every day, every third adult has high blood pressure and are crippled by strokes. Yet the nation’s #1 killer can be found right on the dinner table! Because of lifestyles, obesity is epidemic, and a new diabetic is diagnosed every 50 seconds.





One in every 4 American lives are being claimed by cancer. 90% of these maladies can be prevented.

Role of a Consultant

Natural health consultants assess and discuss health issues or symptoms with clients to help them achieve wellness. Consultants may educate individuals about various aspects of natural health and recommend particular methods that will benefit a client. They may also advise on lifestyle modifications which may involve teaching clients about using supplements, minerals or juice therapy to improve their health. Natural health consultants may also refer individuals to licensed practitioners or other health care providers.

GEMS Natural Health Center Programs


Private Consultations

Seminars & Workshops

Lunch and Learn Seminars

Principles of Health Educational Seminars

Weight Control

Removing The Cause of Disease

Cognitive Behavior Restructuring 

Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

Natural health consultants provide information and education to people seeking natural methods of healing and treatment. Ideally, a natural health consultant has a broad understanding of a variety of natural health disciplines and may recommend a specific approach of natural healing to a client. Natural health consultants recommend natural and simple health care methods to promote physical and mental wellness.


A natural health consultant is a professional who has extensive knowledge about natural health, herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrition. They're also knowledgeable about ethics and legal issues in health care. Natural health consultants aren't typically medical practitioners but some might hold a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) degree.

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