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1 on 1 phone lifestyle consultations are

done to formulate a program specific to your total health goals.

 House Calls


This service is for individuals who desire to address their personal concerns in a more direct manner. We will talk to you by phone about your needs and, if appropriate, will assist you in developing a plan that will help you live a more healthy, balanced life.*

*Please note that there are a number of issues that can not be adequately addressed over the phone. We would be willing to conduct an initial evaluation with you to determine if we can provide help by phone or if we need to refer you to a health professional with whom you can meet face-to-face.

Nutritional Consultations

We offer consultations to help you with nutritional issues. These consultations include a questionnaire that looks at symptoms relating to nutritional imbalances. Based on the findings, we help you develop a nutritional program that will enhance your functioning – physically and mentally. If you are interested in a nutritional, consultation, please email or call us.


Please call us for information about fees for our consultations.

    and Classes

*Nutritional Classes

*Natural Remedies

*Detox Programs

*Health & Nutrition

for Kids

*Speaking Engagements

      Corona Virus
  Natural Remedies
  Prevention Education

Doctor's Appointment

We bring our health and healing program to your home. We help you in reversing the top killer ailments naturally.

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Friendly Young Doctor
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