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"Far from being a 'Treat' It is actually an act of violence against our own bodies and minds, when we indulge in Junk Food to the detriment of our own wellbeing."


We would like to invite you and your family to a wonderful opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and learn how to follow the Biblical Principles of Health.


*Natural Remedies   

*Bible Studies    

*Nutrition Classes

*Health Lectures    


*Seminar DVD/CDs

*Lifestyle Health Assessments       

*Stress Coping Classes

*Stop Smoking Classes   



*Weight Loss      




*Obesity-Creeping Fat

*Digestion-Something You Ate?

*Soft Drinks Ain't Soft!

*Diabetes: One Every 50 seconds

*Sickle Cell Anemia: Blood Legacy

*Sugar and the Immune System

*Bread: The Staff of Life or Stick that Makes You Sick

*Fat: Where it's At

*Fber and Salt: What You don't know can Kill You

*Malnourished and Dehyrated

*Plant Food

*Frontal Lobe-Battle for the Mind

*Stress Without Distress

*Vitamins and Mineral Supplments

*If I'm weaned, Why am I still drinking Milk?


*Lifestyle Diseases





*Diet-Related disorders

*Heart Disease

*Birth Defects

*Genetic Mutations

Chronic Stress Related maladies

*Smoking and Choking

GEMS is a Christian organization that provides education and resources for optimal health, with a particular focus on Natural health. We use simple, practical principles. Many of the resources that we use to teach health principles we also make available for purchase.

We are available to provide health lectures, lunch-n-learn seminars, consultations, and cooking classes to individuals, churches, corporations, and other organizations.

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