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Juan Lisa Winans - It Belongs To Me - BLM [feat. Marvin L. Winans] (Official Music Video

Free Services for the Poor, Homeless, Unemployed and Uninsured 

"When all has been done that can be done in helping the poor to help themselves, there still remain the widow and the fatherless, the aged the helpless and the sick that claim sympathy and care. Never should these be neglected. They are committed by God Himself to the mercy, love and tender care of all whom He has made His stewards."

Rissee Wright Malia Ewen- A Better Day [Originally] by Eleanor Wright
The Wiz Live! - Home (Official Video)
Alex Newell - I Know Where I’ve Been - AIDS Walk New York
Lillie McCloud Alabaster Box The X Factor USA AuditionArtist Name
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